For those of you who know me, you know that I had a little one of my own this past September here in San Antonio!  I cannot tell you how much fun it is to be able to photograph your own newborn!  I was able to play with her and put her in just about any shape I wanted to!  Posing can always be tough with newborns but I was determined to make her get into the correct poses for me and she must have known that mom was a photographer because she was extremely cooperative!  I truly love all the different poses and looks you can get from these little ones and it is such an amazing moment to photograph knowing they will never look this way again!  I photographed her on day six and for those of you who are thinking about newborn images, the best time is truly within the first week if at all possible–definitely within two weeks as that is when they can still be squished up!!  The following are some of my favorites although I had a lot of them!  I am a little biased though :)

This was my favorite pose of her that I used for her birth announcements! I love this hat and her hand on her cheek!

chunky knit newborn hatCan you believe how they can wrap up in a little tiny ball!

newborn with sweet headband

This hat was so precious!  I love it!

unique baby hat from etsy

This is a pose I get asked to do a lot of the time with my newborns!  It is always a balancing act!

newborn baby with etsy headband

Here she is with her two big brothers that love her so much!

brothers with new baby sister

This was my new antique bucket that I had to play with!  I love it!

Baby in a bucket with beanie

Lots of hair on this little one!

baby with beautiful knit hat

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This was a fun shoot with the birthday cake.

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